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Month In Review (June 2013)

Writing Novels in Australia has reached the end of its sixth month of articles for 2013 from this year’s line-up of monthly contributors encompassing aspiring novelists, early-career novelists and established novelists.

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Articles for June 2013

Writers Are Readers Too by Greg Barron

Creating An Author Brand And Author Platform by Jenn J McLeod

Writing Good Dialogue In A Novel by Lia Weston

Strong Verbs Versus Weak Verbs In Fiction by Kelly Inglis

Combining Novel Writing With A Day Job by Alison Booth

On Theme (Race, Religion And Science) by Ben Marshall

Giving Author Talks And Spoken Interviews by Helene Young

Critique Groups And Feedback From Other Writers by Onil Lad

On Swearing In Novels by Phillipa Fioretti


‘Month In Review’ Updates

For more articles on writing novels you can check out Writing Historical Novels and Writing Teen Novels.


Writing Novels in Australia

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