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Clint Greagen

I was once a Youth Support Worker who wrote obsessively. I am now a stay at home Dad to four boys and have moved on from my obsessive ways. I now write compulsively.

I have written many articles for magazines. I have been interviewed for articles in The Preston Leader, The Age and Mother & Baby Magazine, have been a guest on ABC Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’, SBS Radio, Channel Nine’s ‘TODAY’ and Channel Ten’s ‘The Circle’. My poetry and fiction have been published in online and print magazines.

I am currently writing a novel in the spare minutes I have late at night. As a result the bags under my eyes look like they come from the blackened crusty creases of an obese man’s leg. I assume I smell of baby vomit, though I can’t really be sure because I may have acclimatised to the smell. I have this advice for my children –

“Sons, after many years of heavy weight training I want you to go to University. It’s an important step in building a successful and happy life. You must begin by hanging outside the Medical Student’s facilities. You will find many intelligent women who congregate there. They will be learning things. Impress them with your large muscles, your superior strength and, while you make them laugh with your self-depreciating sense of humor, tell them that you have the ability to knit, cook, maintain an orderly house and rear children. This is the best way to meet a smart young woman who will one day be a rich Doctor.”

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Setting Out To Write My Horror Novel, by Clint Greagen


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