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Russell Cornhill

I was born at Laidley, west of Brisbane, Queensland, on the 4th March, 1951 but grew up at Mungar Junction, south of Maryborough (Qld) and moved to Brisbane in my mid-teens.

I received my Bachelor of Education from Griffith University and taught for about twenty years before my resignation, supposedly to write full time but basically to resign from civilisation. After fifteen years or so, my writing is bringing me out of my proverbial cave.

When the chance came to join The Australian Literature Review’s Novel Manuscript Development Program, I started work on a novel manuscript tentatively titled ‘Media Watch’; the first in a proposed series I call the Goblin Chronicles.


Russell Cornhill also blogs with a group of writers from the Gold Coast, Queensland at


Forming The Idea For My Novel (The Goblin Chronicles – Book 1), by Russell Cornhill

World Building, by Russell Cornhill

Getting the Structure Right, by Russell Cornhill

Balancing Story Elements, by Russell Cornhill


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