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Sam Stephens

I live on the Central Coast, NSW, with my wife and son.

Awards for my short fiction, include:
– James Patterson’s Airborne: Best Chapter
– Best Realistic Horror: “The Surgeon”, from The Australian Literature Review
– Best Short Fiction: “Daddy”, from the Australian Literature Review
– Top Ten Short Stories, 2010, Suspense Magazine.

My work has appeared in James Patterson’s “Airborne” project, “Humanity”, a short story collection for charity designed to raise money for world literacy, “Australian Literature: A Snapshot In 10 Short Stories” anthology, Suspense Magazine’s March 2011 and April 2011 editions, and “Ho Ho Horror”, a Christmas anthology.

I am also currently slaughtering people and blowing stuff up in what will be my first full-length novel. You can read some of my short stories for free on my website and chat to me on Facebook and Twitter.

Sam Stephens author website:

Sam Stephens on Facebook

Sam Stephens on Twitter


Writing Fiction From A Father’s Point Of View, by Sam Stephens

Writing Fiction For Emotional Engagement, by Sam Stephens


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