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Simon Higgins

Simon Higgins, best known for his Moonshadow ninja series set in 17th century Japan, is the author of numerous adventure and thriller novel series of teen novels, with settings ranging from Australia to submarines in the Coral Sea off Queensland to Japan, from the 17th century to the near future in the 21st century.

He also travels throughout Asia, and is no stranger to doing school events and presenting at literary festivals.

Simon lives in Melbourne, when he is not travelling.


Simon Higgins’s author website:

Simon Higgins on Facebook


Novel Openings: Creating A Fantastic – or Fatal – First Impression, by Simon Higgins

The Undying Appeal Of Immortality In Fiction, by Simon Higgins

Using Story Formulas In Original Ways, by Simon Higgins

Chosen One (or Hero’s Journey) Stories, by Simon Higgins

The Idea That Inspired My Moonshadow Series Of Ninja Novels, by Simon Higgins

Do Stories Need To Be Connected To Morals Or Societal Issues? by Simon Higgins


Writing Novels in Australia


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